Who is Opton ? Who is Opton ?

ECO Pipe Bender Series for running cost “ Less-Than-Half “

Opton’s CNC pipe benders reputed world-wide for decades long have been totally reviewed
to the new line-ups with varieties of models all for class-top energy-saving performances

1.New generation bender series capacity types 5 to 150 for SMA- or ECO-series

5,8,10,15,20 25,35,45,50,50a,60,70,80,85a,90,100,130,150

2.For SMA series, all 5 capacity types are available in two types of [E-rank} and [O rank] .

  • [E rank] High-end version with all electric powered.
  • [O rank] Low-cost version with electric powered and pneumatic equipments.

※Instance : SMA5 E-rank : High-end bender for approximate work size φ5.0.

3.For ECO-series, 13 kinds in capacity has all [E-rank] [C-rank] and [O-rank] for wider choices.

  • [E-rank} High-end version with all electric-powered.
  • [C-rank] 1/3 Energy savor version with electric- and DDV hydraulic- powered.
  • [O-rank] Low-cost version with electric- and standard hydraulic-powered.

※Instance : ECO-35 C-rank : 1/3 save-energy version for approximate work size φ5.0

40% installation space saving with totally new design

Comparing to old MSO-series machines, the machine has achieved down-sizing in its width and length yet maintaining the same effective length, leading to installation space saved by 40%. Effective length may be optionally extended by every 500mm.

TIF Numerical controller facilitated

Ultimately new-generation type numerical controller (TIF) has been invented for cost-oriented but highly synchronized processing that works the Window OS and the real time OS in collaboration for direct software control of all AC servo drives

  1. Enhanced set-up work thanks to a wok design and bending tool installation being guided in the 3D color display
  2. Enhanced visibility and operability thanks to the latest panel computer with easy touch panel and icons.
  3. By interfacing to non-contact 3D profiler [Cloudformer] or [MEMS Former] , the tested bending data are compensated and fed back to the bender for right design.
  4. By interfacing to the production management software [Bend Master], the management for production, machine operation and all bending data can all be collectively controlled.