Cases of innovative solutions
    Cases of innovative solutions

Case of Innovative solutions

Tooling set-up time reduced by 83% ( a case of client S)


<The problem faced by Client>

The case is a work piece sized φ25.4 andφ31.8. Each size needed separate tooling set-up.
New production bender is invested with strong expectation for time reduction for tooling set-up,
and what has been achieved are just remarkable 

Achievement expected


Idea proposed by Opton

1.Multi-stacking of toolings
  Roll, clamp die and pressure die



2.Employment of special chuck
Mounting of a multi-capacity chuck to meet the work size of φ22.2~31.8.



The result achieved

By preparing tooling sets in two size plus one multi-chuck e for work size ofφ22.2~31.8,
two work sizes can be machined without time-consuming re-setting of tooling.
Remarkable time reduction of tooling set-up has lead to running cost saving.
New ECO Bender can accommodate 5 stacks max. of tooling
By mounting the multi-chuck, many work sizes can be machined without frequent setting of tooling.
Consult with our sales engineer about varieties in three sizes S,M & L available of the multi-chuck

If Opton's 3D Profiler 「Cloud Former 」 is interfaced in line of production,
one-piece testing with the first piece from the production can be immediately fed back to the second piece to continue the run within the specification needed.


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