Company profile

Business profile

Date Established Nov.12,1963
Capitol J\99 Millions (or equivalent to USD1M at J\99/USD)
CEO Teruaki Yogo
No. of employee 130
Business Design and manufacturing of Opto-mechatronic products and specialty machinery
(of the industrial area of metal deformation, optical profiler, and N/C power-source)
Patents 150 domestic and 50 overseas (pending included)

Business history

1963 Business started as designing manufacturers of custom-made controllers
1977  CNC pipe bender developed with patent-approved. Awarded by the Top 10 Invention Of The Year by prestigious industrial news media of Nikkan Kogyou Sinbun.
1994  DDV Hydraulic Servo Pump invented for with patent approved. Crowned by the authoritative Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation for remarkable reduction of consuming energy to 1/3
1996 Moire 3D Degital-camera scanner invented to be awarded by Small/Medium business of governmental industrial promotion fund
1998 Hammering-impact Hydroforming machine invented with DDV hydraulic servo pumps built-in.Awarded by Tokai-Divisional Director Prize awarded by the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity
2007 Certified Excellent Aichi-brand Business approved by heavily industrialized Aichi-pref.
2008 The most outstanding 300 Medium-sized Business nationwide selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2008 News relief of new construction to start for FA-system production facility. The following Lehman Crisis postponed this expansion by two years.
2008 WIN-Robot Bender awarded for the outstanding product of the year by the governmental Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
2009 DDV Hyd Servo Pump with electro-magnetic valve built-in crowned for the Divisional Director prize by the authoritative Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation