G-WIN Robotic Bender with fixed head (ST/UD) Type

WIN Robotic Bender series, developed by Only-one-in-the-world with fully-own-developed technologies

Product outline

G-WIN Robotic Bender with  fixed head  (ST/UD) Type
G-WIN Robotic Bender for 1D
●This is stronger pitching version of the type G-WIN with mandrel.
●Optional cut-off is also available. Long-sized work piece can be automatically cut-off immediately upon bending. Ideal for sharp-angular bending of large-dia work piece with cost saving of labor and material.
●Lower cost investment in comparison with conventional type of benders.

1. G-WIN Robotic Bender L-frame ST/UD type Full series

Standard capacity ST series UD series for 1D
Suitable to machine for the bending R in 2D or larger. Machine models :G-WIN:35-ST・45-ST・50-ST・60-ST・70-ST Smaller R bending is getting stronger demand by most business sectors.
Bending is executed with strong push at the rear end of a work piece. (Min. R: 0.5D +Thickness)
Machine models :G-WIN:35-UD・45-UD・50-UD・60-UD・70-UD

2. G-WIN (ST) type

Unlike many conventional benders that have often needed extra installation space and investment cost for loader/unloader equipments, G-WIN (ST) type is an ideal in-line solution system with the bending head fixed on the floor and the chuck unit mounted at the head.

Thanks to the chuck unit mounted at the head end of the robot, its more interference-free motion has realized machining of a straight work piece with pre-fixed parts, leading to production time cut and increased product accuracy.

3. G-WIN (UD) type

1D pipe bender with the robot built-in.
G-WIN (UD) type has a rear booster for 1D bending. The built-in robot works all jobs of loading, PRB functions and final unloading.
The model can be claimed as the ideal in-line 1D system that is also followed by space and investment cost saving.

The machine in the picture above has achieved 40% cut of material cost thanks to the optional cut-off device.

Out lined dimension


Type G-WIN 80 G-WIN  90 G-WIN 100 G-WIN 130 G-WIN 150
Max dia of work piece SUS/No Mandrel φ76.3×t2.8 φ89.1×t2.0 φ114.3×t2.1 φ127×t3.5 φ139.8×t4.0
STKM/No Mandrel φ89.1×t3.2 φ101.6×t3.2 φ114.3×t4.5 φ139.8×t4.5 φ165.2×t5.0
AL・CU/No Mandrel φ90×t5.0 φ100×t5.0 φ110×t8.0 φ140×t7.0 φ150×t8.0
Standard effective length (variable by every 500mm) mm 2500 3000 3000 4000 4000
Max bending R mm 200 300 300 400 650

Here are many production problems to solve, including cost-down, quality increase, production variety, one-piece production, elimination of running stock, instant full start-up, etc., and they are all in most cases hard to be cleared by conventional type of benders.
Robotic benders from Opton are just the ones for solution at high end level.

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