Renewal of the machine in service
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Renewal of the machines currently in service

By replacing old DC servo motor by new AC servo motor, decreasing machine fault and 5% increase of machining speed are expected.

Traditional DC servo motors for 3-axes of POB are replaced by the latest AC servo motors.

  1. Traditional DC servo motors are replaced by the latest AC servo motors leads to power-increase thanks to sharp-starting and stable performance being built upon initial tuning.
  2. Higher machining speed resulted by AC motor. (Tact time 3 sec/bend →2.8 sec/bend (5% faster)
  3. AC servomotor causes fewer machine trouble.

Servo valve of the latest version is installed to eliminate negative influence by higher hydraulic temperature over the bending-axis servo valve for large-sized hydraulic-powered machines.
* Remodeling with a new AC servo motor in this plan can extend the motor life for another ten-year span. But it should be noted that the NC needs be also upgraded to enoy this advantage.