Who is Opton ? Who is Opton ?

Who is Opton ?

Opton WIN Robot Bender series, or the second-to-non original robotic bender, employs operator-friendly operation system that is seen in the standard Opton products. The robot with bending head mounted at its hand end performs high precision DBB/POB/DOB all in linear- or circular-interpolation motion.

World-reputed and long-hitter of Opton CNC pipe bender series have all been fully reviewed for wider model variation and enhanced ECO-friendly performance that are all taking another great leads in the industries.

Maintenance of the in-the-market machines of Opton is held with the guided help available in the Q&A/Trouble shooting of Opton Home Page.
This will promote clients to have light-class maintenance by client themselves.

Opton continues engineering development of software and hardware to build-up the company’s core technologies that are often referred to as [Brain] [Muscle] and [Frame] of human being.
With rich and year-long experienced technologies being supplied in the markets,
Opton makes reliable strides with its ideas and quickest supports to meet client engineering demands for enhanced and integrated production system.

Opton is more than confident about reliability and client’s satisfaction given by the products where integrated mixtures are heavily embedded out of four core technologies of [3D optical engineering] [numerical control technologies] [power-drive control] and [Frame engineering].

Thank you very much for year-long patronage of Opton machinery.
The machines at years of service can be revitalized for another decade of service simply by replacing key parts and components

Try us first with manufacturing a prototype work.
This will be met by our submitting of comparison chart of the measured- vs CAD-data, presentation of section error as well as processing of polygon CAD data.