Cases of innovative solutions
    Cases of innovative solutions

Case of Innovative solutions

Successful case of Cut-Off 1D Bender


【Production by standard bender】
 ①Product: Truck exhaust pipe (muffler pipe, tail pipe etc.)   
 ②Work :Stainless φ60.5~φ80   
 ③The conventional process   
 1)pre-bend cut-off of supplied material    
 2)Bending by pipe bender   
 3)Extension cut-off at two ends of post-bending work piece   
 4)Blur removal   
【Client needs to achieve 】
 ①Elimination of pre-bend cutting of supplied material    
 ②Elimination of cut-off process for the post-bend two-end sections   
 ③Elimination of blur-removing process   
 ④Elimination of wasted material for higher yield rate   
 ⑤1D bending of elbo-pipe by in-house production   
 ⑥Lower noize emission   
 ⑦Save-energy facility   
【Opton proposal 】   
 Opton proposal has met all client requirements with cut-off bender
 for 1D and ultimate yield rate.   
【Specification proposed】   
 1D Cut-off pipe bender ECO-85T-1D-C   
  ・Ultimate high yield rate production is achieved thanks to the press-cut
    device being installed to the bender.   
  ・1D bending is achieved.   
  ・Quiet and energy-saving performance achieved by DDV Servo pump installed
    for hydraulic power source.   
  ・Additionally enhanced yield rate achieved by optional device of the wiper retractor.   



 ①Hihger yield rate production
   ・The rate increased by \ 860,000  for tail-pipe manufacturing with stainless
     material of SUSφ65×1.5t.
   ・The rate increased by \ 750,000  for tail-pipe manufacturing with STKM steel
     material ofφ65×1.6t

 ②Shorter process and saving labor cost
   ・Thanks to the perect elimination of previous process  of pre-/post-bend cutting
     by two personnel for 70h/monthly has lead to remarkable zero-cost with no process
     and personells invocolved.

 ③1D bending
   ・Elbo-pipe not needed for out-sourced procurement thanks to the part now produced
   ・Old bend-and-weld two-stage production has been eliminated to one process where
     elbo-design is achhieved in bending process,thus having lead to no welding required
     and labor saving of 27 hours /monthly.
   ・Thanks to enhanced capability with 1D bending, flexibility of our business has been
     widened to receive more new inquiries.

 ④Lower noise
   ・Thanks to DDV hydrauoic servo pump installed as the power source,the operation noise
     has been remarkably reduced.  No coolant needed as the hydraulic medea stays free
     from temperature rise.

 ⑤Energy saving
   ・ Power consumption has been reduced to aprx. 1/4 of those for conventional hydraulic
      system. Following are the tested result.


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