Cases of innovative solutions
    Cases of innovative solutions

Case of Innovative solutions

Innovative production proposal to implement N/C positioning ...


The case described herein shows a very successful solution of problem not on pipe bending, but on assembly line. There are two main assembly-work area of car production industries, or parts assembly as one and body assembly as the other, where Opton has contributed in providing engineering solution to a hard-to-predict production problem. 

The problem emerged in an assembly line of vehicle tire to wheel at a tire component supplier.  A car assembly line is normally designed with versatility to meet production of varieties of product models, and parts and components suppliers are requested to deliver their products to meet a just-in-time inventory for the line.  But the supplier of tire unit does not have, however, their line exclusively for certain models or specification. Their line is also designed to meet tire/wheel assembly with varieties of specifications covering all car sizes.

The relevant assembly line is designed with following devices built-in to inject air through the gap between tire and wheel into the tire which is firmly positioned by the hydraulic pressures given by the cylinder.


In this, the device only works to hold the product regardless of its size in diameter and thickness by the pressure at the value designated for the cylinder. It was found that such situation where lower-given pressure caused inadequate inflation of the tire, but it never meant that larger pressure should work for better inflation. It implies delicate pressure control needed.

As a solution, packing were installed on two of the ram surfaces to allow the assembling without applying delicate pressure control.

But this solution was seen not as final.  Big load was always given to these packing materials which needed frequent replacement every few weeks to allow the mixed production.

Opton then offered towards their trial employment of the new device with the DDV installed that helps toward great reduction of electricity cost.  The issue described above was found through the application of the said tested device, with the numerically-controlled DDV  working for positioning control and not for old pressure control in pressuring the tire. With finding of the electricity cost reduced as expected, another advantage has been found with N/C positioning control that the packing is found as "durable-" and "wearable-" material thanks to no need of heavy load given to the packing during the mixed production. 



The similarity could be extended to the case of DDV hydraulic cylinder positioning being applied to pipe bending. When a work piece is clamped on the mold, non-ignorable size of impact is given to the work piece, which is considered to remarkably reduce by applying N/C positioning at time of the work piece contacting to the mold. N/C positioning will allow bending with optimized thrust force given to work pieces, and prevention of wear and tear of the mold as well.  

If any device with hydraulic cylinder equipped being installed in the production line, it is suggested to consider for DDVHydraulic Servo pump.  As a newad better production may be found to improve the currently on-going production.

We recommend your reference over DDVHydraulic Servo Pump that are featured with identical performance accuracy and controllability as those with servo motors. 

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