Cases of innovative solutions
    Cases of innovative solutions

Case of Innovative solutions

Robotic benders ex-Opton, ideal for long-sized work pieces w...


【By conventional way of bending】

・A work piece of small diameter (mainly φ5~φ6) and long size (of longer than
  1500 ~2000mm)is normally machined by cross-type N/C pipe bender or specialty
  machine.(Note:cross bender = axial motion is made orthogonal to the tooling post.) 

Robotic benders ex-Opton_1.jpg

【Production problem prevailing at moment】

 ・In bending a long-sized work piece, the piece tends to swing out larger especially
  when the rear half of the material is at speedy rotation, easily causing poor bent
  shape at the end. Alternatively the bending speed must be turned slower at the sector
  where larger swinging is seen likely, leading to longer machining time at the end.

 ・An operator-assist holding of the work piece may be one solution against this problem,
  but again the machining time goes longer with higher possibility yet existing for
  instable quality production.

Robotic benders ex-Opton_2.jpg 

・Manufacturing by specialty machine is followed by different problem as the machine
 modification will take rather longer time to meet design change of the product.

・Also the specialty machine has no versatility to meet different machining designs
 or work pieces specifications.

Robotic benders ex-Opton_3.jpg


【Bending by the robotic bender】

Robotic benders ex-Opton_4.jpg 

    ①Advantages are claimed against standard bending machines for 60%-faster bending
   motion and no requirement of unloading device.

  ②Thanks to remarkable decrease of poor quality bending caused by twisting and
   deflection of work piece during bending process, stable bending operation can be
   made by at speed- and accuracy-oriented operation with resulted advantage for
   higher per-day output.

  ③A work piece with pre-mounted fittings such as protective tube, rubber hose and/or
   stay can also be accepted as the bending robot executes bending motion of DBB and
   POB with itself keeping off these fittings

  ④Versatility of the machine can meet varieties of work specifications and higher
   rationalization of production has been achieved.

  ⑤Three-sized R bending   More work specification can be met without time-consuming
   tooling changes.

  ⑥Simulation Software(Optional) can be a powerful engine for prototype work in
   time- and material-saving.
 ※Upon being advised by an inquirer on production factors like material type,
  sizes and daily and monthly production requirement, our feasibility study will
  be prepared with the best-suited machine. 
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