Cases of innovative solutions
    Cases of innovative solutions


【Improving tooling setup】

Labor-saving system for bending a work piece with nut pre- mounted


【 Improving tooling setup 】
The product : Hydraulic pipe of small diameter    (for automobile braking system and hydraulic distribution system for folk-lifter ) 【The reason why standard benders  cannot meet...

Tooling set-up time reduced by 83% ( a case of client S)


【 Improving tooling setup 】
<The problem faced by Client>The case is a work piece sized φ25.4 andφ31.8. Each size needed separate tooling set-up. New production bender is invested with strong expectati...

Robot Bender for machining speed 160% and fully automatic loading/unloading of work piece compared with standard CNC benders


【 Improving tooling setup 】
Type of work : Long pipe of small dia. STKM11A forφ12.7×t0.8  R25 with no mandrelType of machine : Single Robot Bender, D...

Employment of roll wiper to enhance quality stability, reduction of defection rate and running cost (Client :F)


【 Improving tooling setup 】
Machine model : CNC Pipe bender MS-80R (delivered in 1988)*Bending of fuel in-let tube for vehicles  ≪Point of s...

Proposal fully satisfied for SW type pipe Bender (Left & Right Bending) (Client:: A Co.)


【 Speed -up 】
≪Point of solution≫1.Tact time cut in prouction is hard to achieve with new product design2.Machining interference and insertion of extra machining process are unavoidable with standard b...

Stable quality, Free set-up/ no-skilled start and patented wiper die


【 Improving tooling setup 】
Solution query has been raised by our client who is specialized in1Dbending and bending of thin thicknessl thickness・Wiper die wears too fast and frequent replacement is needed.・Re-s...