Non-contact Sensor Products Series

Seam sensor Type TC for testing inner and outer pipe

Bending an electro-resistance-welded tube may often be resulted in poor bending quality with wider unevenness depending on the relative position of the seam line that exists during on-going bending process of individual bending point. Seam line can be hardly detected on work pieces if they are chromium-plated, polished on its external surface, and/or protruded seam line is removed and polished on the internal work piece. Opton has established to the decisive solution on this by the collaborative power of laser displacement gauge and laser color sensor which allows accurate detection of the seam-position and of color difference leading to statistical processing.

3D Scanner Series

Opton 3D scanners best-suit for process-oriented inspection within a production line where wider scope of inspection performance are needed to varieties of product shapes that cannot be achieved by ordinary 2D inspection. By setting plural units of 3D scanners in a production line, required inspections can be made with high performances in speed and accuracy. The series include PRO Series for accuracy-oriented industrial application and COM Series for cost-oriented production of consumer products.

3D Eye Series

3DEye Camera, with its high-end performance of collecting the 3D data with speed- and density- oriented quality over wider area of a work piece running in a production line, allows various works of inspection based on the obtained 3D data for general design including for precise status of work-piece chucking by the robot handling arm, products of ill-quality in the production processes.