CNC Pipe Bender Series

RM Robotic Bender Series

●Thanks to the bending head rotating itself, a long-sized work piece of small diameter can be machined with less swing yet at higher speed.
●A work piece is chucked and pitched at high speed.
●Loading/unloading is performed by the robot.
●Loading /unloading operation is controlled by the robot teaching box once bending data are installed in the coordination data of XYZ.

CNC Multi Bender Series

Compounded bending R, Continuous R and Gradation R are all at an easy access with Multi Bender now for completing a part made of irregular cross-sectioned pipe.

CNC Stretching Bender Series

●Poor repeatability caused by unsteady ambient and hydraulic temperature has been the disadvantage with conventional stretching bender,where a work piece is pulled hydraulically towards both ends by two opposite arms that stand only one-end fixed 
●For stable repeatability, the operation controlled by speed, positioning and torque is very imperative regardless of the type of machine,or the starching bender of one-end fixed arm type or two-end fixed arm type
●Consult us for upgrading your stretching bender with N/C incorporated.

Serpentine (Plain) Bender Series

These models are ideal for serpentine bending of parts of heat changer.

CNC Roll Bender

●Opton is your proved and reliable supplier for roll benders. Three N/C rollers traverse individually to the best positions required to obtain the specified design of a part in time- and material-saving processes.
●Custom-ordered specialty plain bender, backed up by Opton’s featuring NC technologies, has been delivered to the market with implementing the advantages from two anteceding benders,or specialty roll bender for machining automobile bumper core frame as one, and conventional benders as the other.
●Conventional three-roller type benders whose rollers are traversed hydraulically or by hand may be suggested to consult with relevant suppliers.

G -WIN Robotic Bender Series

This is the pipe bender with the robot installed all for loading-pitching-rotation-unloading., and very effective investment for inline system,space- and cost-saving. Two choices available for 「ST Type」、「UD Type」.

T-WIN Robotic Bender Series

●he robotic bender type T-WIN mounts speed accelerator gear box atop of 6-axis robot head, and a small-sized bending head is mounted on the output axis.
●Thanks to this feature, high speed motion is realized in all functions of straight pitching, 360-degree rotation and retraction.
●Operation of the machine is as easy as conventional bender by input of bending points (XYZ) in the coordination axis.
●Loading/unloading position data for the robotic bender are handled in by the teaching box.
Chucking can be held either at the end or intermediate positon of a work piece

ECO Bender Series

●Pipe is the most popular and basic industrial material and manufacturing of the parts with pipe is considered as the typical mass-production type of business.
●ECO bender series are lined up with wide selection of models that no one else can compete.
●The series includes three versions of type E (powered by motors), type C ( 1/2 ECO) and Type L (large envelope and low-cost).
●For the type E &C, the patented two power drives are installed for single-linked drive of the bending head, thus allowing large envelope under the head for maximized interference-free bending.
●The type L is of conventional and cost-oriented version with the bending drive implemented right under the head.