Serpentine (Plain) Bender Series

Serpentine (Plain) bender

This machine is the best for serpentine bending of heat changer tube.
●Opton can meet the demand for designing FA system of continuous speed production line for circular- and rectangular- bending.
●For more detailed, please refer to the video and proposal made in the past.

Article main specification
Plain bender Serpentine bender Type 25
work size Size(MAX) 32mm*5mm*3stacks 25.4*t1.2*4stacks
quality Aluminum SUS
Machining speed and accuracy Pitching 500mm/sec±0.1mm 1195mm/sec ±0.1mm
Bending 90°/sec  ±0.1° 360°/sec ±0.1°
Power consumption 20KW 12KW
Machining spec Max bending R R20 R120
Machining spec No. of bend (tact time) 20 bend(200sec) 20 bend(60sec)