T-WIN Robotic Bender Series

Robotic Bender Type T-WIN Series

The robotic bender type T-WIN mounts speed accelerator gear box atop of 6-axes robot head, and a small-sized bending head is mounted on the output axes.
●Thanks to this feature, high speed motion is realized in all functions of straight pitching, 360-degree rotation and retraction.
●Operation of the machine is as easy as conventional bender by input of bending point data in the (XYZ) coordination
●Loading/unloading position data for the robot bender are handled in by the teaching box.
●A work piece can be chuck-held at any point of its intermediate section or at the end of work piece.

Type T-WIN 5 T-WIN 8 T-WIN 10 T-WIN 20 T-WIN 25
Max size of work piece SUS/No mandrel φ5.5×t1.0 φ7×t0.8 φ10×t1.0 φ12×t1.0 φ25.4×t1.5
STKM/No mandrel φ6.35×t1.0 φ8×t1.0 φ12×t1.2 φ16×t1.0 φ31.8×t1.6
AL・CU/No mandrel φ8×t1.0 φ9×t0.8 φ14×t1.0 φ19×t1.0 φ35×t2.0
Standard effective length of work piece mm 800 800 800 1000 1000
Max bending R mm 40 50 50 50 70