Robotic Bender RM Series

Robotic bender series - only one in the world-, - fully own-developed -
RM for movable bending head type

Product outline

Robotic Bender RM Series
The bending head, mounted on the robot arm end, performs rotation and bending of a work piece.
Fixed support of a work piece generates swinging of a work piece only in minimum during machining, thus realizing all working processes high in speed and accuracy. With these machine models, high-end quality- and cost-oriented machining is now reality for a part even with unprecedented hard designs that could not be achieved by conventional benders




Type SRMⅢ-15 DRMⅢ-15
Max size of work piece SUS/No mandrel φ9.0×t1.0 φ9.0×t1.0
STKM/No mandrel φ12.7×t0.8 φ12.7×t0.8
AL・CU/No mandrel φ15.9×t1.2 φ15.9×t1.2
Standard effective length of work piece
(variable by every 500mm)
mm 2300 5000
Max bending R mm 50 50

There are many production problems to solve, including cost-down, quality increase, production variety, one-piece production, elimination of running stock, instant full start-up, etc., and they are all in most cases hard to be cleared by conventional type of benders. Robotic benders from Opton are just the ones for solution at high end level.

Inquiry and/or consulation

Inquiry and/or consulationContacts are most welcome to Opton/MiiC sales group at following telephone number.


Sales affiliates of Opton group

Sales affiliates of Opton groupWe have sales locations in USA, exico,Germany and HQ in Japan.