3D Profiler Series

Microscan Series

This desk-top sized surfacing tester best suits for data-collection profiling over the surface of small parts by the power of two types of laser sensors being mounted on the tester, or super-accuracy sensor as one and accuracy co-axial type as the other. Thanks to the high-accuracy movable axes (three orthogonal axes + one rotation axis) automatic profiling can be executed over the full surface of a specimen.

●Three types of 3D laser profilers are available that can meet market requirements of non-contact 3D profiler capable of profiling smaller parts by 1~10 micron resolution order.
●The profiler has a 360°full-turning N/C table installed as well as high accuracy laser displacement gauge being mounted on the 3-axes orthogonal robot.
●High density profiling can be made for testing cross section lines over the full surface of a specimen fixed on the work table.

Surftizer Series

This axial travelling 3D Non-contact profiler with 3D digital camera installed execute controlling of camera’s relative positioning to a tested specimen which is checked in fully automatic control operation (optional). The camera traverses on the surface of work piece for 3D profiling in speed-, accuracy- and density-oriented operation.