CNC Roll Bender

CNC Roll Bender (Bender with three NC rolls) AA

●Opton is your proved and reliable supplier for roll benders.Three N/C rollers traverse individually to the best positions required to obtain the specified design of a part in time- and material-saving processes.
●Custom-ordered specialty plain bender, backed up by Opton’s featuring NC technologies, has been delivered to the market with implementing the advantages from two anteceding benders,or specialty roll bender for machining automobile bumper core frame as one, and conventional benders as the other.
●Conventional three-roller type benders whose rollers are traversed hydraulically or by hand may be suggested to consult with relevant suppliers.

Type RB-30 RB-40 RB-50 RB-75 RB-90
Working capacity Angular 30×30×t5.0 40×40×t5.0 50×50×t6.0 75×75×t9.0 90×90×t7.0
outernal bending
Squared copper pipe 30×30×t1.6 40×40×1.6 50×50×t1.0 60×60×t2.3 80×80×t2.0
Copper pipe φ27.2×t3.0 φ34×t3.2 φ48.6×t3.0 φ70×t6.0 φ85×t6.0
Squared aluminum pipe 30×30×t2.0 50×50×t2.0 70×70×t2.0 100×100×t2.0 120×120×t2.0
Flat bar 40×t6.0 50×t6.0 65×t6.0 90×t6.0 110×t5.0
No. of bending 2 or more bend per design