RM Robotic Bender Series

Robotic Bender RM Series

The bending head, mounted on the robot arm end, performs rotation and bending of a work piece.
Fixed support of a work piece generates swinging of a work piece only in minimum during machining, thus realizing all working processes high in speed and accuracy. With these machine models, high-end quality- and cost-oriented machining is now reality for a part even with unprecedented hard designs that could not be achieved by conventional benders



Type SRMⅢ-15 DRMⅢ-15
Max size of work piece SUS/No mandrel φ9.0×t1.0 φ9.0×t1.0
STKM/No mandrel φ12.7×t0.8 φ12.7×t0.8
AL・CU/No mandrel φ15.9×t1.2 φ15.9×t1.2
Standard effective length of work piece
(variable by every 500mm)
mm 2300 5000
Max bending R mm 50 50